Essential Fire Protection

Inspection, testing, maintenance and certification

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Established in 1992, Infinity Fire Protection Pty Ltd (formerly Sydney Fire Protection) is a 100% Australian owned company which offers a wide range of services across all aspects of the Fire Protection industry.


Fire System Installation

Infinity Fire Protection specialise in large scale fire systems. Our qualified and experienced technicians know how to meet your fire safety compliancy needs.

Fire System Repairs/Upgrades

Whether it be to meet code requirement, council fire order upgrade, tenancy refit, part of a larger infrastructure renovation or satisfying insurance requirements, Infinity Fire Protection can assist.

Fire System Maintenance/Servicing

Ensuring your fire system is maintained regularly is the best way to ensure that safety is maintained across the premises and you are compliant with Fire Safety legislation.

Inspections and Certifications

Infinity’s accredited practitioners – fire safety will perform testing and assess/certify compliance or highlight non-compliance of your current system to help you prepare for your Annual Fire Safety Statements.

Is your business compliant?

Infinity Fire Protection performs inspection, testing, maintenance, certification, repair, tenancy refits, system upgrades and installation of all essential fire services along the eastern seaboard of Australia. Infinity Fire Protection ensure that fire systems are compliant and the risk to occupants are minimised.

Fire System Repairs / Upgrades

Infinity Fire Protection provides service, sales and repairs on all fire protection hardware:

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms, sometimes known in the fire protection industry as fire alarms can be either smoke detection or smoke alarm systems.

Sprinkler System

Sprinkler Fire Protection Systems installed and maintained within budget in accordance wiht all Australian regulatory code requirments.

Fire Blankets

Your fire extinguisher in an office should be checked on a six monthly basis and replaced every 5 years or/and when discharged. Don’t risk it – inspect it.

Heat Detection

We provide service, supply and installation of fire detection and evacuation systems for commercial applications. Tailored to suit your needs.

Emergency Fire Doors

We install speciality metal door frames, hinged and sliding fire doors, external and internal doors, accesss panels, lift motor room hatches and more.

Fire Hydrant Booster

Engineered and fabricated in strict adherence to the relevant Australian fire codes. Support services are provided from initial engineering assistance through to on-site commission and after sales service.

Fire Indicator Panels


Fire Hose Reels

Safe and effective quality warning systems that suit all commercial environments and budgets. Keep your system fault-free and compliant.

Fire Extinguishers

Your fire extinguisher in an office should be checked on a six monthly basis and replaced every 5 years or/and when discharged. Don’t risk it – inspect it.

Emergency Lighting

High-quality energy saving Emergency Lighting design and tested to Australian standards. Fitted and installed. Occupant safety is paramount.

Talk directly to our team of experts

One fire service technician is allocated to your site – so you don’t have to continually show new people around.

  • Fire service technicians that are multi-skilled, experienced and qualified to test all of the essential fire safety measures on your property
  • Field service managers ensuring access is arranged, information is recorded and managed correctly
  • Technical experts operate in the background to assist you
  • ‘Live’ asset management portal to view asset registers, job status & commercial reporting

Ensure your business is fire safe compliant and safeguard your employees

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Evacuation Training and Fire System Upgrades

Emergency Evaluation Training

Infinity Fire Protection offer many different types of emergency training procedures for which all building occupants should be prepared. Evacuation from buildings may be necessary as the result of fire, explosion, chemical leak, structural fault, equipment failure or bomb threat.

Fire System Upgrades

Infinity Fire Protection carry out major fire system upgrades for large scale corporate buildings. We have the experience and expertise to ensure your fire system is installed and maintained in accordance with Australian regulations.